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How To Calculate Bingo Winnings

Katherine O'Brien | | 415 Likes | 0 Comments
The thrill in bingo intensifies with each number called, especially when you’re getting close. Waiting on two, waiting on! Depending on the game you’re playing, the ticket price, the number of other players and any guaranteed...
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Bongo’s Bingo: What the Heck Is It?

Katherine O'Brien | | 874 Likes | 0 Comments
Bingo halls nationwide regularly draw in those who like a flutter, operating as social clubs as much as they are a chance to win some money. But now, an innovative bingo concept is spreading the word to a younger demographic, and getting more people...
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Bingo Halls Update 2018

Sophie Hopkins | | 408 Likes | 0 Comments
In the early 2000s, just around the time online bingo started to take off, there was a real fear that traditional bingo halls would disappear from the UK high street. Over the years, many factors were blamed on the closures: the smoking ban, cuts to...
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Free Bingo – The Good and the Bad

Roger Hagan | | 663 Likes | 0 Comments
You won’t need to search long for free online bingo, as most of UK bingo sites offer a number of ways for fans of the game to try their hand at it for free....
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How Much Can I Win Playing Online Bingo?

Katherine O'Brien | | 1059 Likes | 0 Comments
The amount of money that can be won playing online bingo can vary from one individual to another and from one bingo site to another. Of course, there are other factors as well, such as how often you play, the amount you spend on each ticket, and the...
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The Ultimate Guide to Betfair Bingo Bonuses & Promotions

Sophie Hopkins | | 788 Likes | 0 Comments
The first thing you should do if you are a total newbie to the world of online bingo or have just opened an account with Betfair Bingo is to familiarize yourself with the various bingo bonuses, offers, promotions and loyalty schemes this site makes...
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The Ultimate Guide to Butlers Bingo Bonuses & Promotions

Roger Hagan | | 764 Likes | 0 Comments
If you’ve just started playing bingo online for the first time, or you’ve recently joined a brand new bingo site, it can take some time to familiarize yourself with the various bonuses, promotions and offers available to you. It always feels...
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The Hassle-Free Way to Withdraw Online Bingo Winnings

Roger Hagan | | 844 Likes | 0 Comments
You may be instantly seduced by a certain bingo site’s design and appealing bonuses, but before you whip out your credit card make sure you know all about the site’s withdrawal conditions first....
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5 Reasons Online Bingo Beats Offline Bingo

Sophie Hopkins | | 791 Likes | 0 Comments
Are you a bingo player? Where do you play? Do you hit the local bingo hall or do you prefer to play online? For those of you who are on the fence about online bingo, here’s why we think it’s much more fun and more appealing than its traditional...
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A Beginner’s Guide to Online Bingo Chat Room Games

Sophie Hopkins | | 816 Likes | 0 Comments
Have you ever been in a traditional bingo hall? Remember the quietness seizing the room when numbers are called out? The time for a small talk with your friends is strictly restricted to before and after the actual game. If you’re a newbie to...
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Should Bingo be an Olympic Sport?

Katherine O'Brien | | 699 Likes | 0 Comments
Despite its longtime association with, let’s say, a slightly older demographic, a campaign is underway to add bingo to the roster of Olympics events in time for the Tokyo Games in 2020....
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The Profile of a Bingo Player

Sophie Hopkins | | 789 Likes | 0 Comments
When it comes to bingo players, many be will be quick to assume that it is nothing more than older women enjoying some social time with their friends and family....
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5 Most Popular Bingo Side Games

Roger Hagan | | 795 Likes | 0 Comments
What is the difference between online and offline bingo? No difference, really! The rules of the game are the same, you get to chat with other people in the room, and the jackpots keep on coming. But what do you do when you get bored?...
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3 Big Online Bingo Mistakes to Avoid

Katherine O'Brien | | 841 Likes | 0 Comments
Bingo is a fun and easy game to play: no complicated rules to follow, no tricks to know. Not to mention that you might even win some extra cash while at it....
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Become Part of a Community with Online Bingo

Katherine O'Brien | | 809 Likes | 0 Comments
Technology has completely changed the way we spend our time and money compared to only a decade or two ago. Bingo halls have been more affected than most businesses by this technological revolution. Not only that, combined with smoking bans and the...
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