Dragonfish is one of the most popular bingo networks currently in operation, with many popular online bingo sites using the Dragonfish bingo software platform.
The majority of websites using Dragonfish software also belong to the Dragonfish Network, and players using these sites can even play together in the same room.

If you’re a fan of online bingo, it’s practically impossible that you won’t play on a Dragonfish site at some point, whether you know it or not.

So, to help you choose a site that will make you happy, we’re going to take a closer look at this industry powerhouse.


Dragonfish Company History

As the B2B subsidiary of Gibraltar-based 888 Holdings, one of the biggest online gaming providers, Dragonfish is behind many of the leading UK bingo sites.

Of course, the software also underpins 888’s first-party sites, like 888Bingo and 888Ladies.

Dragonfish software isn’t only popular among new bingo sites because of the high quality of the software, which includes smooth 75- and 90-ball bingo. It also offers a full suite of associated services, including licensing, customer support, and payment solutions. That’s not to mention all of the other exciting games available via the company, such as slots and scratchcards.

All-in-all it offers everything a new online bingo business needs to hit the ground running.


Dragonfish Software

One of the biggest selling points of Dragonfish software is how widespread it is in the online bingo community. There are more than 100 different online bingo brands featuring Dragonfish software!

If you are a fan of online bingo, you are likely very familiar with the software, and many users find this appealing when looking for a new website as it means they know precisely how to play the games.

Websites featuring these games tend to share a clean, crisp design language which is instantly recognisable to most online bingo players. In fact, you’ll find many of the same themes being used across the board.

While the games may not be all that different from one another, there is a strong emphasis on being user-friendly, which helps to increase the overall appeal of bingo sites that use Dragonfish software.

The downside of a dominant software provider like Dragonfish, though, is the danger of ending up with more than 100 “me-too” bingo sites that are all pretty much identical.

The best Dragonfish bingo sites are those that offer unique rooms, and games from other software providers.
If you’re the type to take their games on the go, you’ll be pleased to discover that Dragonfish software is fully optimised for all devices.


Dragonfish Bingo Network

Dragonfish Bingo Network is a selection of bingo sites that all share the same rooms, rewards schemes, bonuses and promotions.

For example, Foxy Bingo uses Dragonfish software but isn’t part of the network, while Glitter Bingo belongs to the network. Both use Dragonfish software, but those that belong to the network will share the same player pools, games, and jackpots.

It’s important to note, though, that Network sites can offer their own sign-up bonuses, and there are some that host games that won’t be found on other sites.

So, those that are playing bingo on a website that is part of the Dragonfish Network are playing against users from all the different sites belonging to the network, which leads to bigger jackpots.

Conversely, websites that are only using the software enjoy fewer restrictions when it comes to promotions, jackpots, and available games.


Popular Dragonfish Bingo Sites

As there are dozens of websites belonging to the network and over a hundred more using the software, there are countless options when it comes to playing bingo powered by Dragonfish.

Many are quite new, while others are better established. So, here are some of the more prominent Dragonfish bingo websites:

888 Bingo – One of longest-running Dragonfish bingo sites, it features a simple yet user-friendly design and a massive selection of games, including 90 and 75 ball bingo.

888Ladies – Also part of the 888 group, this site is aimed towards a female demographic and features many great promotions worth looking out for. Nice, simple design with plenty of colour without being too flashy.
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Foxy Bingo – A highly regarded bingo site with a host of amazing games, this is a great website for those looking for lots of extras. Makes great use of social media to offer additional bonuses, promotions, and prizes.
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Glitter Bingo – While the glitzy disco-themed design is very attractive, it’s the promotions that really make this Dragonfish site stand out. Features many exclusive deals that aren’t that common with other Dragonfish sites, making it very appealing for those that love a good promotion.

Chit Chat Bingo – Only recently started using Dragonfish software, it features a very friendly community of players. It also offers great sign-up promotions and quite a few free bingo games during Late Night Show and Happy Hour promotions.


The Best Dragonfish Bingo Games

Dragonfish bingo games aren’t too diverse in terms of gameplay, with most of the differences being the theme of each particular game. For instance, the main bingo games available are the class 75- and 90-ball options – they just come in many different designs!

Dragonfish also provide an additional game on top of these quintessential bingo games, which more often than not will be High Five Bingo.

This is a simple variation of the classic 75 ball bingo that provides five winners as opposed to just the one. It’s played on a 5 x 5 grid and includes numbers from 1 to 75, and you can win by getting one line, two lines, three lines, and four lines.
Also, there isn’t a free square in the middle of the grid like with traditional 75 ball bingo. This makes the game a little easier as there are no specific patterns required to win, making it that bit more exciting!



If you’re a dedicated online bingo player, we recommend that you try a Dragonfish-based site at least once. If you enjoy the user experience and the games on offer then the platform’s ubiquity means you’ll always be able to find great sites to play on.

Katherine O'Brien
Katherine is a Bingo veteran. She used to while away her weekends at the local Bingo Hall, catching up with her friends, and winning the occasional prize too. In 2007 she discovered online bingo and has never looked back. Katherine is now an online regular and keeps in touch with her bingo friends though the online chat rooms.
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