When you start to play bingo online, you’ll quickly discover that bonuses are a big deal when it comes to choosing which site to join. If you’re new to the online bingo scene it can all get a little confusing.
Luckily, we’ve put together this simple guide containing everything you need to know about bingo bonuses and how they work – so you can choose the very best offer for you.

Welcome Bonuses

Most bingo sites offer different kinds of bonuses or gifts when you sign up. Particularly appealing for players are the ‘no deposit bingo bonuses’. These come in the form of a fixed amount of money you can use on the site before you even make a deposit.
The amount varies from site to site, generally ranging from $5 to $25. In order to avoid fraud, some bingo sites require credit card details before awarding the bonus.
You should also know that, generally, money you receive as a bonus cannot be withdrawn from your on-site account. The only thing you can do with this money is play on the site.
Welcome bonuses can also take the form of gifts you get when signing up. These are usually toys or small gadgets that will be delivered to your home.

First Deposit Bonuses

First deposit bonuses are probably the most popular type of bonus offered by bingo sites. These bonuses usually take the form of cashback expressed as a percentage of the amount you deposited on the site. Many sites offer 100% cashback on first deposits, meaning that if you deposit $10, you’ll get a bonus of another $10. This will give you $20 in your account that you can use to play on the site.
Usually this offer is accompanied by certain restrictions, such as a maximum cash amount for the bonus. For instance, you might be able to deposit any amount on the site, but only get up to a certain amount as a bonus. If the first time deposit bonus is described as ‘deposit $10 and get $10 free’, $10 is the maximum you will get no matter how much you deposit.

Reload Bonuses

Some bingo sites have more complex bonuses schemes, offering different percentages of cashback for second and third deposits, in addition to their welcome offer.
Others offer reload bonuses you can cash in on a weekly basis or each time you make a new deposit. Reload bingo bonuses are usually smaller than the ones offered to new players.
Some bingo sites offer multiplier bonuses upon each deposit, but this type of reload bonus is less frequently encountered than the cashback one. There are also other types of bonus schemes, such as earning loyalty points, getting a certain number of free plays on other games on the same site, or the chance to play free mini games.


These are just some of the types of bonuses you can come across in the bingo world. As they usually come with certain wagering restrictions and conditions, it‘s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions carefully before you make a deposit and start playing.

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Katherine O'Brien
Katherine is a Bingo veteran. She used to while away her weekends at the local Bingo Hall, catching up with her friends, and winning the occasional prize too. In 2007 she discovered online bingo and has never looked back. Katherine is now an online regular and keeps in touch with her bingo friends though the online chat rooms.
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