Deal or No Deal Bingo is an online bingo game based around the popular TV show hosted by Noel Edmonds.

The game, which was developed by gaming software powerhouse Virtue Fusion, shares many similarities with the show, taking some of its unique aspects to create a fun and inventive online bingo game that has become massively popular amongst bingo players.

About the TV Show

Deal or No Deal is a popular British game show hosted by Noel Edmonds. In the game, a player is selected from 22 individuals, with each person having an identical sealed box which has a random sum of money assigned to it, ranging from 1p to £250,000.

After the contestant’s selection, each box is opened over a number of rounds, and after each round, the banker offers an amount of money to gain possession of their box.

As the values of each box is revealed, their values are removed from the board, providing both contestant and the banker information as to how much the contestant’s box may contain, affecting how much money will be offered.

The contestant has the option to accept the ‘deal’ and take home the money offered by the banker, or opt for ‘no deal’ and play to the end to win the (mystery) amount contained in their own box.

The Rules

Deal or No Deal Bingo involves a combination of classic bingo game formats like 90-ball and 75- ball along with aspects of the game show.

Each player is randomly presented with one out of 22 identical boxes, just like in the show. Each box is provided with one of 90 or 75 (depending on the version played) bingo numbers as well as a cash value that the player can win, so when that ball is drawn in the game the corresponding box will be opened and its cash value removed from the board.

The full house winner receives a phone call at the end of the game, and they will be made an offer for their box based on the numbers from the board. Fellow players get to vote whether they should Deal or No Deal, and the game ends upon the winning players’ final decision, revealing if they beat the banker or not.

Special Features

Besides the TV show inspired structure of the game, the most notable special refers to the progressive jackpot that can be won by the full house winner. A special token will be found in their box that rewards them with 50% of the progressive jackpots value.

Remaining players that have bought a stake through tickets will receive a share of the other half of the jackpot, with the amount based on the number of tickets that they had purchased for the game.

This ensures that players who do not win can have a great chance of netting a share of the progressive jackpot – even just taking part in games gives you an increased chance to win!

Deal or No Deal Bingo Featured Sites

Many sites feature Deal or No Deal Bingo, including its very own dedicated website, which has exclusive bonuses and features, but you can find it on most of the popular bingo websites, including Paddy Power Bingo and Ladbrokes Bingo.

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