The Complete Bingo Glossary

Online Bingo Terminology

50-Ball – One of the newer variants of online bingo. Each card has 10 squares, arranged in 5x2 format. Normally, prizes are awarded for filling the first line of 5 squares and a full house (both lines).

75-Ball – One of the most popular forms of bingo and the most common variant played in the USA. Cards are made up of 5x5 strips of 25 squares, with the centre square marked as free. Prizes are awarded for lines 1-4 and a full house.

75-Ball Variant – A type of 75-ball bingo. Cards are sold in strips of three, with all 75 numbers represented on each strip.

80-Ball – A less common bingo variant, but one that seems to be getting more popular with UK players. Cards are made up of 4x4 squares, with prizes normally awarded for each line on the way to a full house. 

90-Ball – The most popular bingo variant in the UK and Europe. Tickets are formed in 9x3 rectangular strips, with prizes awarded for the first and second lines and a full house.

1TG/2TG/3TG Games – Some online bingo operators may offer games that award prizes for players who are one, two or three numbers away from a full house (see chat abbreviations below).

BOGOF – Buy one get one free. In BOGOF bingo games you will generally receive two tickets for the price of one.

Bingo Card – A bingo card will contain the numbers you need to play the game. You can normally buy one as a minimum or more if you would like.

Bingo Network – Most online bingo sites will be part of a larger bingo network. These networks provide the software and games for the bingo operator. Important networks include Microgaming, Dragonfish and Virtue Fusion.  

Bingo Room – An online bingo room will have a specific type of game (90-Ball, 75-Ball etc), theme and types of prizes. Bingo rooms may open and close at different times of the day/night.

Bingo Tickets – What you need to buy to take part in a bingo game. Another way to describe a bingo card.

Blackout Bingo – A type of bingo where it is necessary to cover all squares on the card to win. Also called ‘coverall bingo’.

Buy-In – Another term for the cost of a ticket/the price of taking part in the game.

Caller – The person calling out the numbers.

Chat Game – A bingo game with the option of chatting with other players while you play. Chat games are facilitated by Chat Moderators (CMs), who will ensure the chat flows and that there is no abuse.

Chat Host – The user who opens and closes the chat in a particular chat bingo game.

Chat Room – The part of the screen where the chat takes place. Sometimes information on bingo bonuses and promotions can be displayed there.

Consolation Prize – A secondary prize offered to a runner-up, or when a jackpot has not been won by any player.

Dauber – The pen-like tool used to mark off a bingo card.

Deposit Bonus – An extra amount of cash added to your balance as a reward for making a deposit to play bingo. Often these bonuses will have a wagering requirement, i.e. you must play through the money before withdrawal.

Early Bird Bingo – A way of referring to the first game of the day/session. Often early bird bingo can have special prizes or cheap tickets. 

Escalator Jackpot – A jackpot that gets easier to win as the game(s) goes on.

Fixed Jackpot – A top prize guaranteed to be a worth a specific amount of money.

Free Bingo/Free Tickets – Entry into a bingo game without needing to pay. Often provided as part of a prize or promotion.

Free Spins – A promotional award. Free spins can be used on one of the online slot games offered on the site of your bingo operator.

Free Space – Usually a reference to the unused (free) square in the centre of a 75-Ball bingo card.

Full House – Achieved by marking off all the numbers on a card. A full house will usually award the biggest prize and signal the end of that particular game.

Instant-Win Games – These are side games – slots, scratchcards etc – which you can also play for real money at an online bingo site.

Loyalty Points – Sometimes called comp points, these are points you earn by playing bingo at a particular bingo site. Once you earn enough, you can exchange the points for free tickets, cash and/or prizes.

Lucky Ball/Lucky Number – Some bingo operators may offer a promotion where you nominate a lucky bingo number. You could win a prize if, for example, that ball is the first/last drawn in a game.

Minimum Buy-In – Refers to the minimum amount of tickets needed to play a game.

No Deposit Bingo – A term used to describe bonuses (usually as part of a welcome package) that offer free bingo without the need to make a deposit.

Pattern – The particular way a card must be filled to win. For example, filling a horizontal line on the card in 90-Ball bingo or the four corner squares in special pattern bingo games.

Pattern Bingo – A bingo game where prizes will be awarded for making specific patterns on the card.

Progressive Jackpot – A jackpot award that increases over time. Progressive jackpots are funded by taking a small percentage from each player’s wagers/ticket purchases. A progressive jackpot is often facilitated by the bingo network, which means it can reach huge amounts as it grows across several bingo sites.

Reload Bonus – Another way of referring to a deposit bonus (see above). You will receive extra cash/incentives when you make a deposit.

RNG – Random Number Generator. Online bingo operators will use a verified RNG to ensure the balls are drawn fairly.

Serial Number – The unique reference number on a bingo card.

Six-Pack – A special pattern of six squares in a block which will award a prize in some variants. This is sometimes called a ‘block of six’.

Speed Bingo – A game during which the balls are called much faster than usual to enable quick games.

Wagering Requirements – The number of times a bonus award must be wagered before it can be withdrawn.

Welcome Bonus/Offer – The promotional package offered when you join a new bingo site. This usually consists of extra cash and/or free bingo tickets.

Wild Number – Some bingo games may use a special wild number. For example, if 33 was drawn first, all numbers ending in ‘3’ would be marked off the card.   

Winner Takes All – Refers to a game where the winner will take all the prize money paid in by players. WTA games are usually blackout/coverall bingo games.

Wrap Up – A way of referring to the final game of the session.


General Chat/Bingo Lingo Abbreviations

1TG – One to go. Referring to one final number needed to win.

2TG – Two to go. As above, but with two numbers needed to win.

3TG – Three to go. Three numbers needed to win.

AFAIK – As far as I know.

AFK – Away from keyboard.

B4N – Bye for now.

BBIAM – Be back in a minute.

BBL – Be back later.

BBS – Be back soon.

BLT – Better luck next time.

CD – Cash draw.

CH – Chat host.

CM – Chat moderator.

CO – Community, as in online bingo community.

CU – Catch Up (in the sense of a friendly taunt from the player in the lead).

CYA/CYAL8R – See you/See you later.

E1 – Everyone.

EOD – End of day.

FBC – Facebook competition.

FYI/FYA – For your information/For your attention.

G2G – Got to go.

GG – Good game.

GLE/GLA – Good luck everyone/Good luck all.

GM – Good morning.

GN – Good night.

HAGD – Have a good (great) day.

HB – Happy birthday/Hurry back.

HF – Have fun.

HHIS – Hanging head in shame.

JK – Just kidding.

KIT – Keep in touch.

L8R – Later.

LMAO – Laughing my ass off.

LOL – Laugh(ing) out loud.

LTNS – Long time, no see.

LY – Love you.

NP – No problem.

OMG – Oh my God.

PM – Private message.

POOF  As in ‘vanish’, I’m leaving the chat.

PPL – People

ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing.

SAC – Sorry All Close (referring to the fact that no more tickets can be bought/bets can be made on a game).

SWAK/SWALK – Sealed with a kiss/Sealed with a loving kiss (a way of saying good luck).

SYS – See you soon.

TC/TCFN – Take care/Take care for now (goodbye). 

TTFN – Ta ta for now.

TTYL – Talk to you later.

UL – Unlucky.

WD – Well done.

WTA – Winner takes all.

WTG – Way to go.


Bingo Calls

1 – Kelly’s Eye

– Me and You/One Little Duck

3 – You and Me/Cup of Tea

4 – Knock at the Door

5 – Man Alive

6 – Half a Dozen/Tom Mix

7 – Lucky

8 – Garden Gate

– Doctor’s Orders

10 – Theresa’s Den (always refers to current UK PM, so David’s, Tony’s etc.)

11 – Legs Eleven

12 – One Dozen

13 – Unlucky for Some

14 – The Lawnmower

15 – Young and Keen

16 – Never Been Kissed

17 – Dancing Queen

18 – Coming of Age

19 – Goodbye Teens

20 – One Score

21 – Key of the Door

22 – Two Little Ducks

23 – The Lord is my Shepherd

24 – Knock at the Door

25 – Duck and Dive

26 – Two and Six, Half a Crown

27 – Duck and a Crutch

28 – In a State

29 – Rise and Shine

30 – Burlington Bertie/Dirty Gertie

31 – Get Up and Run

32 – Buckle My Shoe

33 – All the Threes/Fish Chips and Peas

34 – Ask for More

35 – Jump and Jive

36 – Three Dozen

37 – More Than Eleven

38 – Christmas Cake

39 – Steps

40 – Naughty Forty

41 – Time for Fun

42 – Winnie The Pooh

43 – Down on Your Knees

44 – Droopy Drawers

45 – Halfway There

46 – Up to Tricks

47 – Four and Seven

48 – Four Dozen

49 – PC

50 – Half a Century

51 – Tweak of the Thumb

52 – Danny La Rue

53 – Stuck in the Tree

54 – Clean the Floor

55 – Snakes Alive

56 – Was She Worth It

57 – Heinz Varieties

58 – Make Them Wait

59 – Brighton Line

60 – Five Dozen/Grandma’s Getting Frisky

61 – Baker’s Bun

62 – Turn on the Screw

63 – Tickle Me Sixty-Three

64 – Almost Retired

65 – Stop Work/Old Age Pension

66 – Clickety Click

67 – Stairway to Heaven/Made in Heaven

68 – Pick a Mate

69 – Either Way Up/A Favourite of Mine

70 – Three Score and Ten

71 – Bang on the Drum

72 – Danny La Rue/ Six Dozen

73 – Queen Bee/Under the Tree

74 – Hit the Floor

75 – Strive and Strive

76 – Was She Worth It/Trombones

77 – Sunset Strip/Two Little Crutches

78 – Heaven’s Gate/39 More Steps

79 – One More Time

80 – Gandhi’s Breakfast/Eight and Blank

81 – Fat Lady with a Walking Stick/Stop and Run

82 – Straight on Through

83 – Time for Tea

84 – Seven Dozen

85 – Staying Alive

86 – Between the Sticks

87 – Torquay in Devon

88 – Two Fat Ladies

89 – Nearly There/Almost There

90 – Top of the Shop



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