Different Types of Bingo Games

New to the game of bingo? Don’t worry, the rules are easy to understand, playing is fun and social, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home at any one of the dozens of UK online bingo sites.

After browsing a few different bingo sites, you’ll soon discover that there are quite a few types of bingo game formats: 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball, 50-, 40- and 30-ball - not to mention more exotic varieties, like Deal or No Deal Bingo, Coronation Street Bingo and more.

What’s the difference, you might ask? Just the number of balls? To an extent, but it is a bit more complex than that – the difference lies in the guess range, and this has a real impact on the odds of winning and the jackpot amount.

Whatever variation you’re playing, the objective is always the same - match the numbers on your card in a predetermined pattern before everyone else, and you’re on to a winner. It could not be simpler.

Here’s our guide to help you pick the right style of bingo for you.

90 Ball Bingo

Bingo players in Europe, Australia and some South American countries are more familiar with the 90 ball bingo game. Together with the 75 ball bingo game, this format is also very popular online.

The 90 ball bingo game is played on a 9×3 card. Each line features 5 numbers, with a total of 15 numbers on the card. On the first column, you will see the numbers ranging from 1-9, on the second one, the numbers from 10-19, and so on.

90 Ball Bingo Card

These games are usually played in three stages, each stage having as winner the player who marked all the numbers on the first line, then the second one, and then on the whole card. The prize is also split differently, with the ‘full house’ winner cashing in the largest slice.

90 Ball Bingo Patterns

The difference between the 75- and 90 ball bingo games lies not only in the guess range, but also in the format, number of winners and prize amounts. The 90 ball bingo game usually makes more winners and awards bigger prizes.

Who is it for? 90-ball bingo is the Experts’ Choice

Once you’ve learned the ropes, you might want to play 90 ball bingo as it usually makes more winners and awards bigger prizes. Progressive jackpot games are a good option here as the amount of the top prize increases with each rollover.

Where can I play 90-ball bingo?

90-ball bingo is the most commonly played bingo game in the UK, so you’ll have no problems finding a place to play it. 90-ball bingo is the staple of online bingo play, so you’ll find it at every site we recommend, and virtually any site offering online bingo anywhere in the world.

75-Ball Bingo

This format is the most post popular type of bingo game you can find in North America. The cards consist of 5×5 number grids with a free square in the center and letters B I N G O printed atop. The free square can be used to complete any pattern as required.

The goal of the game is to match the numbers according to a predetermined pattern. The first person to complete the pattern can call bingo and is considered the winner of the game. Patterns can vary, from simple geometrical shapes to more sophisticated themed models.

75 Ball Bingo Card

The most commonly played lines in 75-ball bingo are X, double line and total blackout.

X: Players need to complete two diagonals on their card, completing an X pattern from the numbers drawn.

Double Line: Players have to match two full lines of numbers across their grid, in any format - vertically, horizontally or diagonally, to land a winner.

Blackout: Players match all numbers on their card, to complete ‘blackout’ their grid.

To make things more interesting, the 75 ball bingo features a ‘balls to jackpot’ number. If the winner manages to complete the pattern within this set number of calls, they scoop the jackpot. If the jackpot is not hit within a game, it usually rolls over to the next round.

Who is it for? Play 75-Ball Bingo to Learn the Ropes

If you are a total novice to the bingo world, then the classic format played on 5×5 cards containing 25 numbers out of a total of 75 is the right choice for you. Just make sure you stay alert as the numbers are called out and keep in mind you have to be the first one who completes the pattern to hit the jackpot.

Where can I play 75-ball bingo?

As one of the most common types of bingo, you can expect to find 75-ball bingo at most online bingo sites. The likes of Gala, Sun Bingo, Foxy Bingo and Dotty Bingo, amongst others, are all a good starting point, but you really will find this game at virtually any recommended bingo site. 

80 Ball Bingo

A hybrid between the 75- and the 90 ball bingo, the 80 ball game is played on 4×4 card, featuring a total of 16 numbers out of an 80 guess range. Winning combinations vary from one bingo site or hall to another. Sometimes the winner is the first player to have completed a line, a column or even a diagonal line. Another popular format known as ‘four corners’ consists of matching the numbers in the 4 corners of the card.

80 Ball Bingo Card

While 80-ball patterns do vary between providers, the most frequently played patterns and lines are as follows:

Any Single Line: a one-prize game, the winner takes all. Be the first to complete any line on your ticket, either vertically, diagonally, horizontally, or in some cases, each of the 4 corners of your ticket, or the four middle squares on your ticket, depending on the game provider and specific game rules.

Any Line, House: Another common variation is to play for any line, or house. This is a two prize game - one for the first player to complete a line, and one for the first player to complete all the numbers on their card.

Any Line, Columns, House: Similar to above, this type of game actually awards 4 winners. One for the first completed line, as in ‘any single line play’, then another prize for the first player to complete two vertical columns. A further prize is awarded to the player to complete three vertical columns, and a final prize stands for the first player to complete all the numbers on their card.

Full House or Completed Pattern: A single prize game, players simply win by being the first to complete their entire card, or to complete a specific predetermined pattern. 

Who is it for? Play 80-ball bingo for variety

80-ball bingo is a good option for players looking to mix things up a bit, or just want to try something different from the usual 90-ball action.

Where can I play 80-ball bingo?

While a common bingo version, 80-ball not a game universally supported by UK bingo sites. It’s worth finding a recommended place to play and checking they offer 80-ball before signing up.

Check out the leading bingo sites we recommend, like Heart Bingo, Bingo Diamond and Gala, which are all good options for giving 80-ball a try.

30 Ball Bingo

A well-known variation of the 90 ball bingo format is 30 ball bingo, also known as Speed Bingo. It uses a 3×3 card and the winner is the player who succeeds to fill out the card first. The advantage of this game is that things happen at a faster pace.

30 Ball Bingo Card

In most cases, you’ll simply be playing to cover the 9 numbers on your card, with no specific pattern or lines paid out. This makes more sense here, because there are so few balls in play.

Some bingo sites do play individual lines, but this is often difficult because the game moves at such a rapid pace by default.  

Who is it for? Choose 30-ball bingo for the adrenaline rush

After a while, you might start to feel bored of the classic formats. Then go 30-ball bingo! Also known as Speed Bingo, this game goes at a faster pace, meaning you’ll have little time to be bored.

Where can I play 30-ball bingo?

30-ball bingo, sometimes called ‘Speed Bingo’, is increasingly being offered by UK bingo sites. You can find 30-ball action at sites like Mirror Bingo, or Kitty Bingo.

Less Common Bingo Games

Five Line Bingo: sometimes known as Swedish bingo, similar to 75-ball bingo but without the central square. Common lines include single line, double line, three line, four line, or full house games. You can play Five Line Bingo at Wink Bingo and 888Ladies.

5 Line Bingo Patterns

Cash Cube Bingo: a form of full house bingo, players have a 3D ticket, comprised of a cube of numbers. Full house occurs when you cover all your numbers on each of the sides of your cube. Each completed cube adds to a final bonus, and you can often win a further prize for landing enough completed cubes to trigger the bonus amount. Play Cash Cube at sites like Mecca Bingo or Sun Bingo.

Deal or No Deal Bingo: based on the classic TV show of the same name. 90-bingo format, where players play for the full house, and then a chance to take on the banker for big cash prizes. Deal or No Deal Bingo is increasingly popular, and can be found at the likes of Gala Bingo and Fabulous Bingo.

Facebook Bingo: Facebook bingo is increasingly popular, as a social alternative. Play for fun or for real cash prizes on Facebook, with various different apps available for bingo play. 

Bingo Bonanza: cheap entry bingo games, with big prizes on offer! You can often play for free or from as little as 1p, in this 90-ball variants. Arguably one of the more social formats (because these games attract high numbers of new players), you can enjoy Bingo Bonanza at the likes of Bet365 Bingo and Tombola.

Bingo U-Pick'em: you pick the numbers you want to play. Generally played with 75-ball bingo, the game unfolds from there in the usual way. 

Best Site For Bingo Variations

Gala Bingo

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Now you have a better idea of the different types of bingo on offer, check out our pick of the top 5 online bingo rooms to find the perfect game for you. Our in-depth online bingo reviews contain all the details you need to make an informed choice.


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