Free Bingo – The Good and the Bad

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You won’t need to search long for free online bingo, as most of UK bingo sites offer a number of ways for fans of the game to try their hand at it for free.

So, if you’re into free bingo yourself, here’s our roundup of all the pros and cons:

It Won’t Cost You a Penny

Yes, that’s an obvious statement, but let’s face it, free online bingo’s biggest attraction is that you do not need to pay your hard-earned money to enjoy a game. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Anyone that enjoys a game of online bingo can be certain that they will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a few games free of charge.

Moreover, you can even turn free games into money that can then be used to play more games for free. That means you could even play your way into some winnings without ever spending a single penny!

You Learn the Ins and Outs of Bingo

Free bingo games are usually used to lure in new customers to a website. These new members will typically be given access to the free online bingo game rooms, where players get to play a certain amount of rounds to prepare themselves for the paid versions of the game. This can be a fine chance to learn all about online bingo, from the different types of games and rules to all of the lingo used in chat rooms amongst fellow players, making free bingo the perfect to teach yourself how to play.

No Risks

Players that enjoy bingo just for the game itself and don’t care about prizes can greatly benefit from not having to risk any of their money just to enjoy a game. Playing is fun and there is also the community around the game, all totally risk-free from the get-go.

Low Risk Can Mean Low Reward

Sadly, one of the most obvious setbacks of free online bingo games is that the rewards for winning these games are not the greatest.

Different companies offer different prizes in their free games, such as free entry to other games, deposit bonuses, or promotional offers.

You won’t be hitting any jackpot prizes, or, at least nothing in comparison to the amounts found in the paid bingo games. Many of the prize funds for paid games are based on the number of tickets you buy for a game, meaning that free bingo games do not benefit from those funds.

Lots of People Are Playing Them

When there are more players in a game, the odds of winning decrease. As you might imagine, free online games attract many players. So, anyone looking to benefit from free prizes or bonuses could end up struggling to win something because of the amount of players they are up against.

It Limits the Games You Can Play

One of the best things about online bingo is the sheer variety of games. There are several types of formats (90-ball, 75-ball etc.) and each of them has dozens of variants. Free games are rather limited in comparison, which may take away from the excitement of discovering new games.

Paid Bingo Games Can Be Very Cheap – and Offer Bigger Prizes

The entry prices for most bingo games are actually very cheap. Some start as low as a penny, and most popular games only cost between 10-20 pence for tickets, but prizes can reach several hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

There are few, if any, free bingo games that offer prizes like this. So even though you are paying to gain entry to play a game of bingo, you can still spend very little and end up winning massive jackpots and special prizes.

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