How to Become a VIP Player at Your Online Bingo Site

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Is becoming a VIP member of your online bingo site your long term goal? If you love the game, know the rules and have fun playing it, you have set the right standards for yourself.

Now, all that remains to be done is making your way towards the top of the list. Need some help on how to achieve this?

Here are some of the best methods you can use to become an online VIP bingo player:

Make a massive deposit

That’s easy! You don’t need any special skills to do that, and, what is more, you don’t have to spend hours in a row playing bingo online in order to become a VIP player. Some bingo sites, like Sun Bingo, grant the VIP status to their wealthiest and most generous members, irrespective of their onsite history and record. While certain bingo players might consider it unfair, this remains a rather easy – if expensive – way of achieving your goal.



If you want to use a fairer method, you can go for wagering. This involves spending some money on the site as well, but it also means taking the time to play the game and earn points. Online bingo sites that award VIP status based on wagering usually have a tiered approach, offering several VIP levels, usually expressed as a number of stars or as Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Why become a VIP bingo player?

So, now that you know how to become a bingo VIP club member at your favourite site, let’s look into the advantages it offers you:

  • Exclusive tournaments: Some bingo sites organize special championships for their VIP members, offering top prizes for the cup winner.
  • Special match-deposit bonuses: To encourage high rollers to make even greater deposits, some websites match the amount of certain deposits, adding to the user’s account the same amount of money as deposited.
  • Giveaway promotions: Exclusive offers VIP players can benefit from.
  • Free bingo games: Sometimes you get to play a game, or even several games, for free.
  • Cashback offers: VIP status is usually accompanied by a different cashback structure than the one for standard members. This way, you can get higher cashback percentages on your deposits.
  • Better deposit bonuses: Along the same line as cashback offers, VIP bingo players get deposit bonuses, receiving a generous bonus each time they deposit money on the site.
  • Special games: VIP players sometimes benefit from special chat room games.

Of course, all of these benefits are hidden away behind the glittery VIP club doors, so most bingo players don’t even know about the benefits of VIP status.

Luckily, you do! You know both how and why it’s worth becoming a VIP player. Read our reviews to find out which sites have the best VIP programs and pick the best online bingo website for you today!

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