The Top Three Best Bingo Payout Sites

Before we give you a full of what returns and RTP scores actually mean, let’s talk about three sites that give offer some of the best bingo payouts online. As we’ve said, some operators don’t publish their stats, but the following three recommended online bingo sites do…

Glossy Bingo: Looks can be deceiving and Glossy Bingo is a great example of why this is true. The reason we’ve picked out this site as a leading light in the industry is thanks to its bingo payout rates. One of the things you need to consider when it comes to your potential returns is the amount you have to bet. Having a £100,000 jackpot is great, but if the entry fee is £100, it’s not a prize many people will be able to play for.

However, if the buy-in was £1, the payout rate becomes a lot more impressive. This is something Glossy Bingo has got right. Even though it doesn’t offer the biggest bingo payouts, it does offer some of the most accessible. For as little as £0.15, you can win prizes worth hundreds or even thousands. This kind of cost-to-win ratio is something we love and, importantly, something you need to consider when you’re looking at any bingo or casino RTP scores.

Wink Bingo: Wink is known as one of top bingo payout platforms thanks to its daily jackpot games worth £10,000 and a millions in monthly bonuses. As well as some of the best UK bingo payouts, Wink has a ton of games with high RTP scores. Atlantic Blackjack is up there at 99.54%, La Partage Roulette is coming in strong at 98.70%, while Clash of the Titans slots are 98.50%.

In addition to impressive casino RTPs, Wink Bingo offers 5-line bingo alongside 90 ball and 75 ball. This game is a nice little addition that you won’t find at too many other sites. Secondly, the bonuses it offers are great. As well as the Wink Wheel, you’ll find jackpots, free games and BOGOF deals every day. What’s more, the average playthrough is just 2X your bonus amount, which is a touch lower than the industry average.

Bingo Diamond: During our review of Bingo Diamond, the best payout rates were touching the 100% mark. Thanks to games such as All Aces Poker (99.92%) and All American Poker (99.38%), the site’s overall RTP was comfortably above 90%. Indeed, when you add table games such as Premier Roulette (97.30%) and slots like Retro Reels Extreme Heat (97.50%) to the mix, Bingo Diamond has plenty of payout potential.

Beyond its impressive RTP rates, this operator is known for its jackpot games. Inside the Broadway Room, you’ll get to play for multiple progressive payouts from as little as £0.50. Otherwise known as tired-jackpots, these prizes put a new twist on the traditional format and give you more ways to win big.


What Are Bingo Payouts And RTPs?

So far, we’ve talked about bingo payout rates and RTPs, but what do the terms actually mean? Well, in theory, they are the same thing. However, what’s interesting about online bingo payouts and casino game RTPs is that the former can change. To explain what we mean, let’s first take a look at what RTPs.

In simple terms, RTP or return to player is the theoretical payout rate for a game over a large number of trials. Now, what constitutes a “large number of trials” is up for debate. However, it basically means millions of betting rounds. So, if we take a slot such as Blood Suckers, the RTP is 98%. In theory, this means the game will payout a prize 98% of the time. However, what people often get wrong here is that they assume they will win 98% of the time, every time they play.

This isn’t the case. The RTP is theoretical because it’s projected win rate over a large number of trials i.e. it’s the average return rate over millions of turns. In other words, you can’t look at a single session or even 100 sessions in a vacuum and say whether a game has a certain RTP. Individual results will vary, but in the end (i.e. after millions of round) the overall payout should match the RTP score. Despite this, the numbers quoted are still useful because it allo you to rank games. Even though it’s not guaranteed in a single session, a game with a 98% RTP will, in theory, pay you more money than one with a 96% RTP.

Now we’ve established that, let’s talk about bingo payouts. Because you’re playing against other people and not the house (i.e. the casino), the payout rate is determined by two things: the size of the prizepool and the number of active players. In practice, this means the RTP is always changing. For example, if there was a single prize of £100 up for grabs and 10 players in the game, you’d have a 10% chance of winning. If, however, 20 players joined the game, the payout rate would 5% per player i.e. you’d have a 1 in 20 chance of winning.

Therefore, when you’re sizing up the best bingo payout sites, you need to consider the size of the prizes and the number of active players.


How To Find A Bingo Site’s Payout Rate

As we’ve said, UK bingo payout rates aren’t always available online. Even though all licensed must have games certified as fair by a third-party agency, they aren’t required to publish the results. Operators that do allow the public to review their results will often do it on their own site or via their testing agency’s platform. If you’re ever concerned about a game’s RTP or you want to check that everything is legit, contact the UK Gambling Commission and they’ll confirm that the games are fair.


How To Find The Best Bingo Payout Sites

Whenever you’re looking for the best online bingo payouts and RTPs, you need to keep in mind that the numbers are theoretical. As we’ve explained, the return rates are based on millions of trials and that means a single session won’t necessarily reflect the score you expect. Another thing to consider is that a site’s overall RTP can be affected by its terms and conditions. If an operator puts caps on the amount you can withdraw following a big win, charges you transaction fees or even limits your bet size/wins (common when you have an active bonus), RTP scores can be lower than expected.

However, as we’ve said, a bingo site’s payout rate is never a bad starting point when it comes to choosing where to play. Beyond this, look at a platform’s selection of games, it’s top-end payouts and number of active players to see if the returns will be worth your time. Additionally, take note of the amount you need to bet to release bonuses, the restrictions on your bets during promotional periods and any other conditions that might lower you payouts.


It’s All About Finding The Whole Package

As you can see, bingo payout rates aren’t easy to determine. As well as the figures being dependent on multiple factors, each game will have a different RTP. Because of this, it’s not simply a case of this site has a high bingo payout rates and this one doesn’t. Indeed, even if a site has 20 games with lower RTPs than its peers, it may have one game that beats them all.

What we do is find the bingo sites with the best overall package. This includes taking an average RTP score, assessing the bonuses and testing out the top games. Glossy Bingo, Bingo Diamond and Wink Bingo are three sites that achieved high scores across the board. However, if you take a look at our other bingo reviews, you’ll see there are plenty of big bingo payout sites out there for UK players.