Best Bingo Sites With No Deposit Offers

There are dozens of top quality bingo sites to choose from, with no deposit offers one of the biggest tools in their chest for attracting new customers and standing out from the crowd.

Paddy Power Bingo: Offer a £10 no deposit bonus for bingo fans, alongside a wider incentives package that can be worth as much as £500. You won’t get the full £500 without deposit, but it’s good to know there are more bonuses right around the corner once you take advantage of the no deposit £10.

Plus, it’s Paddy Power, so you can be confident you’re playing with one of the most reputable gambling operators in the country. While they’re not first and not particularly known for bingo, Paddy Power has built a strong reputation amongst online bingo fans, for its selection of games, friendly chat managers, and great prizes.

888Ladies: takes a slightly different approach, targeting their platform specifically at women. Part of 888 Holdings, one of the largest gambling groups in the world, 888Ladies is the leading of many brands run by the same operator, so you think they’d know what they were doing.

When it comes to their no deposit offer, that’s backed up with 3 days of completely free play for new players, with up to £888 available to be won from free games. Not a bad introduction to the platform, and when you consider there’s no money down to take advantage of this offer, it’s one of the main reasons we recommend so many new bingo fans check out 888Ladies.

Gala Bingo: As one of the biggest names in bingo, no run-down of recommended bingo sites would be complete without a mention of Gala Bingo. Now part of the larger Gala Coral Group, which also operates the Coral chain of bookmakers, Gala owns 131 bingo halls nationwide. Their online offer is very strong, in terms of the quality of their games, bonuses and promotions.

Their multi award-winning platform is one of the best around, and you can get your hands on a free no deposit bonus worth £10 to get the action started. The bonuses don’t stop there, however, and if you choose to go on and deposit just £10, you can claim up to £30 in bonus credit. A highly reputable operator with highly recommended games, bonuses and promotions – it’s easy to see why Gala gets our recommendation.

These are our top choices for no deposit bonuses but there are other operators often offering these types of bonuses, see our full online bingo reviews list for our full selection of sites.

Guide To No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are a common feature amongst online bingo operators.They provide players with the chance to try out different operators without committing to making a deposit, which ultimately means promotions reach more players than in the case of a deposit bonus. For a bingo operator that truly believes in their product, offering a no deposit bonus as an incentive to new players to give their platform a try makes sense. Their hope is that once you’re through the door, you’ll stick around, deposit and play some more.

For players, the no deposit bonus is great. It’s a no-risk way to try out different bingo platforms, and a chance to win some money in casual play. If you like what you see, there are often further bonuses that can be triggered as part of the welcome package, so you can take advantage of the full selection of promotions and games on offer.

No deposit bingo bonuses take several different forms.

Free Money

The most common is free money, where players are offered a flat amount in exchange for signing up for an account – without the usual requirement for any deposit. These range from around £2 to £20, and depending on the operator, you’ll find different sized bonuses to suit every player.

Winnings from these bonuses are usually subject to restrictions like maximum wins, wagering requirements and expiry dates, so you do need to pay attention to the Ts and Cs. But when used correctly, these free money bonuses can be a great introduction to playing bingo with one of our recommended operators. Like the £10 no deposit bonus for new players at Paddy Power, this is free money for bingo play.

Free Games

Another common form you’ll find is free games, like the 88Ladie8s offer we mentioned above – 3 days for new players to play for free, with up to £888 to be won. Here, you’re not given a no deposit bonus in a set amount – instead, your entry to real money bingo games is free for the duration of the promotion, and you’re able to win like any other player during that time. Obviously, your winnings are capped in most cases, and at £888 in the 888Ladies example, but again, there’s no risk here – completely free bingo play, just for signing up for an account with 888Ladies.

Free Spins

Bingo operators are also increasingly offering up new games, like slots and real-money arcade games, to provide a bit of variety to their players. This is where the third common form of no deposit bonus comes in – free spins. Free spins are essentially a number of spins on selected slots or other games, which players pick up as their bonus. These are spins that can be used to win real money – like a free lottery ticket, or similar, where there’s no risk but the chance to win real money. Usually you’ll be tied to the terms of the offer, including maximum winnings and wagering requirements, but for all intents and purposes, this is another good form for a no deposit bingo offer to take.


No Deposit Bingo FAQ

Do you have to enter details of a credit/debit card?

With the sites we recommend, there is no need to enter your credit or debit card details. All you need to do is register a new, valid account, and you can claim your no deposit bonus like anyone else. If you do choose to deposit and take advantage of any further bonuses, that’s when you might enter card details – but even then, there are a number of secure payment methods you can use alongside credit and debit cards, so there’s choice if and when the time comes.

Is there any risk involved?

Absolutely none. With a no deposit bingo offer, the only risk to you is your time – and if you’re having fun, who cares? There’s no money on the line because you don’t deposit to claim these bonuses. Signing up for an account is free, and you can play for real money thanks to the bonus, so there is no chance it will cost you a penny.

How common are no deposit offers?

No deposit offers aren’t the most common form of promotion, and for good reason. Bingo operators want you to deposit and play for real money, so they reserve their most generous welcome bonuses for depositing players. But there are some no deposit offers out there, even if the bingo operators tend to prefer to push their higher value, deposit bonuses instead.

No deposit offers cost operators real money, so they tend to be selective in offering them. We help you navigate through the very best in the industry and the best no deposit offers available, so you can uncover their bonuses before choosing where to play. So, relax – we’ve got you covered.

How competitive is it between different brands?

If bingo wasn’t a competitive environment, we probably wouldn’t be discussing no deposit promotions. Think about it – even with strings attached, bingo operators are willing to give any player (who may or may not become their customer) free money in some form to play at their platform. Bingo sites are businesses and they need to make money – not give it away. That’s a major clue into just how competitive it is for bingo operators to find new players like you.

That means it’s well worth comparing between different bingo operators, and the reason it’s so important to get the full picture before choosing one particular operator. The bingo sites compete to outdo each other, usually in the terms of their bonuses and promotions, or in the games they offer – it’s up to you to take full advantage of that in getting the best deal for your bingo.

Are there no deposit offers for mobile?

Yes. You’ll find plenty of no deposit offers on mobile bingo sites targeted at mobile bingo players, including across our recommended brands. These tend to be in lower amounts, with £5 or £10 fairly common, although in many cases you can use your no deposit bonus across both mobile and desktop platforms, like with Paddy Power Bingo and their free £10 no deposit offer.

Are new sites more likely to offer this type of promotion?

The theory goes that as a new site, they are more in need of customers than the established player. Generally, you’ll find new bingo sites are in fact more generous with their bonuses and promotions for new players, and that extends to bingo no deposit offers. While these are often limited in amount wherever they appear, you’re far more likely to find no deposit promotions at sites that are going big on customer acquisition, and that particularly includes new operators and new sites.


Is It Really Free Money?

At this stage, you might still be scratch your head – is this really just free money to play bingo? In truth, the answer is ‘yes’, but it’s a qualified ‘yes’. No deposit bonuses are effectively free money, but they come with several different strings attached. These are the terms and conditions used by the bingo site operator to protect themselves from going out of business, or from losing too much money from any given promotion. While these do limit the scope of no deposit offers somewhat, they don’t detract from the fact that this is still free money for you to play and win real money from online bingo.

Let’s look at a few of the most common of these restrictions in more depth.

Wagering requirements

This is the big one, and you’ll find it’s now a standard requirement across the industry. Whether you’re playing bingo, poker, roulette, slots – it doesn’t matter. Any kind of bonus credit will be restricted by wagering requirements, and for several good reasons. Firstly, this prevents the operator from losing out on a free bet that hits the moon. Free bonuses are a loss leader for operators, so they want to keep them ‘in the box’, and they do this by specifying a wagering requirement. Wagering requirements are a multiple of the deposit, or in the case of a no deposit bonus offer, a multiple of the bonus amount, that must be spent on bingo before any winnings can be withdrawn.

Time Limits

Imagine running a shop where you give out free £10 gift cards, to be redeemed at any time now or in the future. You’d most likely go out of business before you saw any benefit from the promotion, as well as creating an open-ended, ‘forever’ liability for those redeeming their gift cards. This is analogous to a bingo operator offering no deposit bonuses without any time limits or restrictions, and as you can see, it doesn’t make much business sense to operate in this way.

Generally you’ll find no deposit promotions have a time limit between opening the account and claiming the bonus, or between claiming the bonus and meeting the wagering requirement. Winnings and bonuses without this timeframe will usually be void, though again, this is one of those terms that varies according to the offer type and promoter.

Time limits usually aren’t too onerous if you’re intending to play today. But if you’re looking for a no deposit bonus today that you might use in, say, a couple of months’ time, you’re likely to run into some problems with time limit restrictions.

Wagering Order

Wagering order restrictions dictate that bonus funds can only be used after real money funds have been depleted. This doesn’t usually apply in the case of no deposit bonuses if you’re starting with a zero balance, but if you have a cash balance, that will always be used first before your bonus credit in promotions where this type of term is active.

Withdrawal Restrictions

Withdrawal restrictions stipulate the type of payment methods, limits and other conditions that may be applicable to the specific bonus offer. These are always detailed around advertising for the offer, either in small print below any graphics, or linked out to meatier terms and conditions. It’s always recommended that you read these terms and conditions before accepting any bonus – withdrawal restrictions can be the difference between a bonus that works well, and a bonus that is so restrictive you might wish you hadn’t bothered.

Withdrawal Restrictions in practice:

888Ladies:  offer free play for 3 days, in which new players can win up to £888. Free games take place every 10 minutes in the ‘Newbies’ room, and you can win up to £20 per hour from free play. The games are only open to new players who have registered within the previous three days, and any winnings are subject to a 2x wagering requirement – on bingo games, only. There is a minimum withdrawal of £10, and wagering order restrictions apply.

Paddy Power Bingo: offers a similar free play bonus, where players can take part in free bingo games to win bonus credit every day. Any winnings are paid as a bingo bonus with a 1x wagering requirement. With free bingo games in the Super Bargain Room from 12pm to 1.30am daily, there are plenty of chances to win with this completely free, novel bingo bonus.

Sun Bingo: Play with £40 when you deposit £10. This is paid as a £20 bingo bonus and a £10 games bonus, on top of your original £10 stake to make £40. The bingo bonus needs to be wagered 3 times within a 7 day expiry window, which the games bonus needs to be wagered 30 times before you are eligible to withdraw from it.


What Other Types Of Bingo Offers Are There?

No deposit bonuses aren’t the be all and end all of bingo bonuses. In reality, there are many more different types of bingo offers out there, and you might find it helpful to avail yourself of these promotions as you move from choosing a recommended bingo site to making your first deposit and beyond.

Deposit Bonus: The most common type of bonus is the deposit bonus. Like no deposit offers, this can take the form of an amount of free bonus credit, but this time, it’s tied to the amount of your deposit. So, you’re looking at offers like Paddy Power’s £30 bonus when you deposit £5, or Foxy Bingo’s deposit £10 and play with £50 promotion. These do require a deposit in the first instance, and the usual terms and conditions apply, but you’ll find these offers are usually much more generous than no deposit bingo promotions.

Reload bonuses: Another common type of free bingo offer. These are attached to second and subsequent deposits, to encourage players to stick around beyond that first deposit amount. 888Ladies offers a further 50% reload bonus beyond its initial deposit bonus, so players can take advantage of a wedge of extra bonus credit with their second and subsequent deposits.

Free spins bonuses: Promotions that are tied specifically to slots games, like Paddy Power Games, which offers 10 free spins on sign up (and can also be used to play bingo), or like Heart Bingo which offers 30 spins on sign up. These are subject to the usual terms, but as we discussed above, free spins are like free lottery tickets, so certainly not to be sniffed at.

Refer a friend bonuses: These offers are not specific to bingo, and you’ll find them being used by businesses of all shapes and sizes in your daily life. This is a bonus paid to you for referring a friend to a bingo site, and in some cases, both you and your friend get the bonus. It’s a way to incentivize the natural word of mouth effect of satisfied players, like the Gala £25 bonus for referring a friend who deposits £10.



No deposit bonuses can be a great way to try out something new, and maybe even win some money in the process. Should you try and get your hands on a no deposit bonus? Yes, but it’s important not to get too caught up with these bonuses, over the other promotions that are out there. When you compare no deposit bonuses to deposit bonuses, the latter are much more generous, and for any serious player, deposit promotions will be the better option.

No deposit bonuses are specifically designed to give you a taster, whereas deposit bonuses are designed to welcome you as a paying player, and the differences in the amount of these bonuses and the terms and restrictions in place means it’s worth considering which bonus type actually suits your needs.

In either case, it’s essential you shop around. We’ve picked out our recommended bingo sites from the pack, but even amongst these high-quality operators, there are huge variables. Whether you’re looking for a no deposit bonus as an introduction to life with a bingo site, or you’re on the hunt for a more serious deposit bonus, shopping around is critical to getting the best terms to kickstart your bingo play.